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Upgrade Your Thin Clients for a Secure Citrix Environment

When it comes to upgrading thin client units, some IT professionals are extremely hesitant. While protecting their organization from security breaches has been on the forefront of every IT decision maker's mind, many prefer to use the same outdated units they always have out of comfort and perceived convenience. For those who have been using older thin client units within a Citrix environment, there are software and thin client updates you can make to have a more modern, efficient, and secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Software Updates:

On December 8th, 2020 Citrix released the most updated version of the Citrix Workspace App, Version 2012. Citrix Workspace is a cloud-native, virtual end-user computing environment that was first released in 2018. It has replaced the classic Citrix Receiver environment as it is built on Receiver technology, and is backwards compatible with all Citrix infrastructure. Users can still download older versions of Receiver, but new features will now only be released for the Workspace App. Citrix has strongly recommended customers that are currently using Citrix Receiver upgrade to Workspace App Version 1219 or later, because of the additional capabilities regarding secure access to SaaS apps, data loss, and secure internet browsing.

Thin Client Upgrades:

Thin client units should also be updated to ensure maximum security in a VDI environment. Older thin clients may not have the required web-engine to support native single sign-on and access control features to numerous SaaS and web apps. If your organization has been using out of date thin clients within a Citrix environment, here are three Citrix ready units that would be a great upgrade:

1. Dell Wyse 5070 with Wyse ThinOS

2. Dell Wyse 3040 with Wyse ThinOS

3. HP t430 with HP ThinPro

The Dell Wyse 5070 is described as the most versatile, scalable, and capable thin client for the mid range due to its 21 ports, true 4k display, multiple network connection types, and its ability to integrate into any virtualized or web based infrastructure. (To learn more about the 5070, check out our video). Though small in size, the Dell Wyse 3040 delivers a robust end-user experience with its quad-core processor. It features wired and wireless connectivity, 2 DisplayPorts, and 4 USB ports. Both of these units are great upgrades for Citrix environments because of their ThinOS operating system. ThinOS is virus and malware resistant and is the most secure thin client operating system. Unlike Windows and Linux, ThinOS was created for virtual desktops. IT is a secure OS preferred over Linux and Windows by industries that regularly handle confidential information because it provides AES 256-bit encryption. Thin OS is certified with Citrix and its ecosystem partners to ensure easy access to virtual workspaces. Utilizing thin clients with ThinOS helps prevent a security breach because VDIs store data and apps centrally on a server. Wyse Thin OS can also help companies stay compliant with privacy regulations by protecting endpoints from attack.

The HP t430 is another great thin client unit for a modern computing experience within a Citrix environment. It has a variety of video outputs, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, and USB-C for power and transfer of audio and video. The t430 runs HP ThinPro, a secure, intuitive Linux based operating system. HP ThinPro connects quickly to Citrix and a default web browser. It protects data because it attracts few viruses, has a locked file system to protect against unauthorized updates, customizable settings, a firewall, and includes HP Smart Zero Core.

All three of these units are featured on the Premium Endpoint list on Citrix Ready Marketplace, so they are guaranteed to be compatible with the Citrix Workspace App, as well as other Citrix environments. Vecmar can help you upgrade your thin client units and stretch your budget as we offer all three thin client units remanufactured to a good as new condition. If you have any questions about which thin client would work best in your organization's Citrix infrastructure, don't hesitate to give our Thin Client Team a call at 1-800-949-9850. We look forward to helping you protect your organization by increasing security through endpoint and software updates.

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