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A Day in the Life of a TCT Technician

At Vecmar Corporation, our Electronic Repair Technicians play an integral role in the success of our Thin Client Team. They ensure that our customers receive the highest quality remanufactured devices, and help customers trouble shoot technical problems. We spoke with one of our technicians, Derek Goodheart, about his day-to-day experience, and what he values most about working with our company.

1. What do you like most about working at Vecmar?

"Tough choice between a couple. First the people who work here, their attitudes and how everyone takes pride in their work makes Vecmar a great work environment. Or the fact that the variety of products and services that Vecmar provides means it is rare you will be doing the same thing one day to the next."

2. What have you learned working at Vecmar that you didn't know before?

"There are way more special purpose thin clients than I realized. I realized that there is high demand for older equipment that just isn't made anymore, especially when customers are asking for older models for specific use cases. The work we do is critical for a lot of businesses."

3. What does your day-to-day schedule look like at Vecmar?

"The daily schedule can really vary, but generally I come in at 9am and get to work where I left off the day before. This can mean configuring and updating images, disassembly and testing devices, repairing or replacing hardware, or testing new configurations. While everyone generally has their own tasks, we usually work as a team and separate responsibilities based on strengths. But you never get stuck doing the same things long."

4. What is your biggest challenge working at Vecmar?

"The biggest challenge and personally one of my favorite parts of the job, is finding ways to improve processes as we continue to grow. Everyone is friendly and open to suggestions and discussion."

We are so grateful for the contributions of all of our Electronic Repair Technicians. They are committed to excellence, and want our customers to experience the Vecmar standard.

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