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6 Reasons to Go Remanufactured

Madi Cordle

When it comes to purchasing remanufactured technology, specifically with thin client terminals, there are a lot of misconceptions about the quality, durability, and longevity of remanufactured units. These misconceptions can make potential buyers hesitate, despite the many benefits of remanufacturing. Here’s why we think it’s worth making the switch and purchasing remanufactured thin clients with Vecmar:

1. Your Thin Client is Tested and Reconfigured by an Expert Technician

Upon arrival, thin clients are carefully unpacked and separated by model at our warehouse. Our technicians thoroughly test and inspect all thin clients to find the best units for remanufacturing. Only the units that pass multiple and strict criteria earn the right to be remanufactured for you! A VSN, or Vecmar Serial Number, is then assigned to each unit in our facility. All aspects of a thin client’s lifestyle are easily tracked, and potential warranty issues are eliminated before they occur. When you purchase a remanufactured thin client from Vecmar, you are purchasing a product that has been remanufactured to exacting specifications that are continuously refined. This means your thin client has been remanufactured to more exacting standards than the original manufacturer’s. Vecmar remanufactured thin clients are just as good as new, maybe even better! Our experienced Vecmar technicians have been rebuilding technology for 30 years, so they have learned the flaws in manufacturing in all our units. When they’re remanufacturing thin clients, they remove these flaws to create an even better product for you! This unwavering attention to detail has always been the Vecmar standard.

2. Low Initial Cost and Ongoing Maintenance Costs

You can update your technology with a much lower investment by purchasing remanufactured thin clients. While it varies by the unit, a remanufactured thin client typically costs roughly half of the price of a new unit with similar specifications. If you currently have Dell Wyse or HP thin client terminals that need updating, Vecmar technicians can have them fully repaired. With Vecmar, there is also the option to save additional funds by trading in dumb terminals and other hardware for thin clients. In addition to the low initial cost, thin clients in general have much lower ongoing maintenance costs than PCs or “thick clients.” Thin clients have no moving parts, leading to longer life expectancies and fewer replacement issues. Because everything is centrally stored in a thin client environment, the cost of hardware enhancement or part replacement is also reduced.

3. Leading-Industry Warranties that Protect your Investment

Vecmar offers a 3-year warranty on all your remanufactured and open box thin client terminals at no additional cost. If a unit fails during these three years, it will be repaired and then returned. If a repair isn’t possible, Vecmar will replace the unit. You also have the option to try any thin client terminal, risk-free for 30 days. This allows you to have full peace of mind about your decision and the protection of the technology that you are investing in.

4. Thin Client Deployment

Not sure how to go about building your Thin Client network? Vecmar’s certified and experienced technical staff can help with all your thin client deployment needs. Our project managers will oversee the implementation of complex, dispersed network installations across the nation. Vecmar can test, stage, and deploy your thin client network servers and client devices while always delivering the latest technology.

5. Save your IT Department Time

At Vecmar, custom configurations are our specialty! When you order remanufactured units through Vecmar, you can order your thin clients fully configured and have them shipped directly to the ship-to location, saving your IT department time and money. All Dell Wyse and HP brand thin clients are available pre-configured to your custom specifications. Applications can also be pre-installed on select units, making thin client set-up a breeze.

6. Good for the Environment

There is also an environmental benefit to purchasing remanufactured thin clients. Remanufacturing units to a good-as-new condition uses less energy than manufacturing a brand-new product. Consuming on average 4-6.5 watts, they use almost 1/50th of the power that PCs consume. By remanufacturing thin clients, you can preserve much of the material in the original unit meaning that less raw material is used. There is also a reduced level of CO2 emission and a reduction of material sent to a landfill when technology is kept in use for a longer period.

If you are considering implementing remanufactured thin clients in your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Give us a call at 800-949-9850 for a quote or to get any of your remaining questions answered.

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